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How to make your own art rubber stamps

How to make your own stamps out of funky foam with this tutorial. Cheap and oh so simple, either create your own designs, or convert your die cutters into co-ordinating stamps for embossing etc. quick, easy simple and super cheap! I think it would also be an even better idea if you stuck it on something clear rather than the brown paper to maximize the use of the stamp block. Anyway, great idea and real cheap! I am going to do an experiment with this – I would think that if you don’t let it dry out or bake it it might be ok – but you will have to be careful not to press too hard when making an impression lest you squash your design. If you bake it it may be too hard to take ink and make a good impression. Try it and let me know.

Your Selling Power For Your Online Rubber Stamps Is In These Tips

The challenge of starting an online art stamp business could be tough. You may have an easier time getting it to work if you ask for help. Browse through these hints on managing a successful ecommerce site.

Keep up with the latest trends and new methods in advertising your art craft rubber stamps. Search phrases used in search engines can attract potential buyers. You can pick up new buyers through the use of pay-per-click ads featured on sites like Bing and Google. Search engine marketing businesses can be hired for results that can lead organic traffic to your website.

It could be a lot of fun and a lot of work to create your new eCommerce website. If you need to establish a financially rewarding business, you will need to give 100% of your enthusiasm and dedication. Learning all about your new industry is essential, as is being accepting of new technologies and marketing tactics that can help you start a viable company. Capitalize on trends and determine what is hot in your industry to help build your business.


All businesses will fail if they cannot learn to manage mistakes and errors diplomatically. Honesty and flexibility are essential for maintaining a good reputation among your customers. Your company’s reputation will probably be enhanced if you’re honest and sincere since customers like to be treated with respect and dignity. Your customers will build a strong bond with your brand when they are treated with sincerity and respect.

Surveys are a great way of finding out what your target audience needs. In the survey, ask for information that can assist you to grow and enhance the level of service that you offer. Make a follow-up after every change you make; thus, you will keep clients informed. E-mail postings are particularly effective for keeping your clients up-to-date.

holiday-rubber-stamps Holidays are when some people spend their time more freely. This is one of the best reasons to make use of a countdown calendar when you reach out to your clients – you can remind them that they’ve only a set number of days to complete their holiday shopping. Special deals and discounts for new clients could increase your following. Make sure that you feature any holiday promotions you are running in a sales newsletter so that clients are aware of the things they could get from you in terms of craft rubber stamps and services.

By all means, keeping your social media current enables your business to reap the most advantages. In fact, social media is excellent for letting your clients know when you have sales going on and for offering specific deals to clients that go through the trouble to like your page. Since social media doesn’t require people to pay, it effectively helps your business’s expansive reach. If you link your website to your social media pages you could increase the number of individuals who visit your website and also improve your sales.