Free Fonts

Here’s the basic info on how to download my fonts.

Step1. Click on the font that you would like to download. This will take you to the site with the fonts.

Step2. Click on ‘download’ once you find a font you like.

Step3. Download the ‘zip’ file to a new folder on your desktop. From there you will open the zip file and place the individual fonts in your ‘fonts’ folder.

Step4. Go to the folder you saved to. And    open the file. For most of these you will need a zip program to open them. If you don’t have one already in your pc, there are several free ones(WinZip etc.) you can use.

Step5. Once you have unzipped the file, you need to move it to your fonts folder. All of my fonts come with a terms of use file,and I allow my fonts to be used in lots of ways at no charge. If you aren’t sure, you can always email me.

Keep in mind, using this method you will have to have the font open every time you open that image you used it in. (unless the image is saved as a jpg.)


Here are some of my favorite fonts that work really well for stamps. See my list and download them for FREE!!!






here is a font I created and have for you to upload. I love this font and really works well with stamps.
Click here to download the font

PC Gothic Script


1001 fonts
Another fonts company I love to use is the 1001Fonts. There are tons  to choose from and you can choose between messy and hand written and formal. I’ve choose a few of my favorite. You may see some of these on my images and stamps.

Coustard Regular – A free font from 1001 fonts
Click here to download it


Alphabetized Cassette Tapes – Another free font from 1001 fonts
Click here to download it


Pecika Book – is another font free font from 1001 fonts
Click here to download it