Stamp Tips and Tricks

1. Crumpled Wax Paper

Just what it sounds like! Crumple up a piece of wax paper about the
size of the card you are making. Smooth it out a bit. Set aside. Layer a plain piece of white paper (I use copy
paper) on your ironing surface. Next Layer your glossy card stock, glossy side looking at you. Place your
smoothed out sheet of wax paper on top of your pile. (Wax side down)  Now place another piece of plain
white paper on top of the whole thing. You  now have a nice paper sandwich! LOL
Ok, so heat the iron nice and hot (Cotton setting-no steam) and press the sandwich. Just go over it once or
twice. This will give you a great resist pattern for your ink! I did a bunch of these all at once. (Don’t forget to
turn off the iron!!) Now take out your brayer and your favorite ink. I used Adirondak in 3 colors. Load your
brayer with the lightest color of ink first, and roll ’em roll ’em roll ’em all over the card stock. Every where the
wax melted you will have a wonderful resist! Don’t be afraid to add different inks, really roll it on there. Let dry
and you are ready for over stamping your design!


2. Glitter and Embossing Powder

For some gorgeous shine, take very fine glitter (available at your craft store) and pour a small amount onto a
paper plate. Now add to this some clear embossing powder. Stamp the image with embossing ink (I actually
used Versafine for the peacock) and sprinkle the mixture over the image. Heat with heat tool, just until
melted. Tip: Store your extra mixed powder in a film canister. Label the lid with a permanent marker!
Crumpled Wax paper technique and glitter technique

chinese rubber stamps

3.  Embossed Gold

  • Inks: Black Stazon, Versamark
  • Pens: Slickwriters in shades of greens and blues (or your preference)
  • Embossing powder: fine detail gold
  • transparency
  • cardstock: black, dark blue, gold, and coordinated piece for card base
  • staples
  • pop dots
  • other adhesive of your choice
  • heat gun

stamp peacock with Versamark onto black cardstock
sprinkle with fine detail gold EP & heat to emboss
Stamp peacock again onto clear acetate sheet (transparency) using black Stazon
Let air dry, or heat to set
flip transparency over, and highlight the back side with Slickwriters in shades of greens & blues
Trim transparency to fit black cardstock image.
Line up transparency image directly over gold peacock image and staple the 4 corners to hold together
Mount with pop dots onto gold cardstock
Trim and mount onto dark blue cardstock
Trim and mount onto coordinated card background


4. VersaMark Resist: Looks like scratch art!


  • Glossy Card stock
  • VersaMark Ink
  • Inks (We’ve tried Distress Inks, Adirondack, and Chalk) (1 or 2 in light colors)
  • Brayer

First stamp your images with the VersaMark. Heat set. Take your  inks and a brayer and roll the
ink all over the card stock. The more you roll, the better this technique works!


5. Brayer Bouncing


  • rubber brayer
  • 2-3 colors coordinated ink
  • cardstock (I used glossy; it should work fine on regular also)

Ink up brayer with good coat of ink
Hold brayer above paper
Gently bounce brayer up & down onto cardstock while rotating paper with free hand
be careful not to wiggle the brayer or it will smudge the ink.
Re-ink brayer as needed.
Stop when you get the coverage you desire.

When dry, use as background for your art.


6. Opalites

Flower Card A/B


  • Ink: Opalite stamp pad (your color choice), Versamark
  • reinkers – Opalites – coordinated colors 1-3
  • Detail Embossing powder (your choice)
  • water brush
  • paint pallette (wax paper is fine)
  • black cardstock
  • Coordinated cardstock for mounting
  • adhesive
  • paper towel

Stamp image onto black cardstock, using Versamark pad.
Sprinkle with EP, and emboss (I used gold).
Removed lid from Oplaite pad, and rub pad all over black cardstock, ensuring even coverage throughout.
Using paper towel, wipe off any ink that got on EP image.
Drip a drop or two of your chosen Opalite reinkers onto pallete (wax paper).
Using water brush, pick up tiny amounts of ink to paint in your image.
When image looks pleasing, wipe up any additional ink off EP.
Allow to dry, matte, and mount onto card background (or use on a layout)


7. Eyelash Rolling

A few years ago I painted my walls with a roller that I wrapped some old rags around and secured  with rubber bands.  At the time, I really had thought I had come up with something new and so darned kool! It seemed to me, it was only a few months later when I saw similar techniques all over the place! LOL On that note, here is what I think is a new technique…but then I anything ever really NEW?? LOL

Take your brayer, wrap several strands of eyelash fiber around it. I used 2 long strands, so I only had 2 knots to tie. Now roll that brayer in a nice ink of your choice. (I used Anna Griffin-Purple, Creative Living-Sapphire, and Vintage Ink-Spearmint.) Start with your lightest color and some plain card stock. Roll the color across the paper 2 or 3 times. Now roll off as much ink as you can onto a plain sheet of paper (heck, use a nice large piece of card stock!) Roll your brayer in your second color, and roll on your bg in a different direction than the first rolling. ( I really like to roll, can you tell? I rock too!! LOL) When you are satisfied with the pattern you have. Stop. Take your 3rd ink and using direct to paper, smudge the ink around the edges of the card and smear a bit more on the bg area.  You get a really kool pattern using the eyelash fiber!!


8. A Great Storage Tip!


9. Here are some Mounting Tips

There are so many ways to mount something. Let me break it down for you. Click here to get a thorough mounting instructions.


10. Have a large stamp, but no mounting block big enough to fit it?

Turn the stamp over, so the stamp side is face up. Ink it. Now lay your card stock (stamp base) on top of the inked stamp. Firmly hold the paper in place with one hand and carefully rub the image all over. Lift straight up
and be sure not to move the paper! You get a perfect image MOST of the time!! lo

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