Storage Tips


There are many ways to store your  unmounted stamps. The beauty of an unmounted stamps is the  fact that they take up SO little room, which allows for LOTS  more of them, in a small amount of space!

The absolute easiest way to store  unmounted and cling foam mounted stamps is in CD Cases (not  the slim line ones, the regular wide ones)! No more searching  for that little flower stamp that was ‘here a minute ago’. Stamps fit so nicely in these cases, and you can store then in cd stands for quick access!  Going to a crop? Grab the cd case of choice an  out the door you go!
Best place to find these cases? Ask your friends! Especially those who have gamers in their household. Typically they take the cds out of the case and store  them in Cd books and guess what? They usually just throw the original cd case away!

Big Lots ® often times has these  cases $ 2.50 for a 10 pack!

Can’t find them anywhere else? I sell them for on the accessories page!

How to use the cd case storage:
If you are using a method that does not make your stamp sticky backed (ie, double sided tape) the simplest way to store your stamps in the cd case, is to use long strips of double sided tape in your cd case. Usually about 3  strips on each side of the cdcase will do it. Then just stick your stamp to the strips of tape.

All other methods that require either glue on the back of the stamps, or the cling mount, you don’t need anything on the inside of the cd. Just stick them on and close the lid. I can store unmounted rubber on both sides of the inside case and close the lid with no problems. Foam mounted stamps are thicker so you will only be able to store them on one side of thecd case. (Sometimes if I have a thicker stamp, then I will only store them on one side of the cd)

Best  way to Index them:
Be sure to keep the paper insert that comes with your stamps. It’s so handy when inserted into the cd case. You can see exactly what your images look like.  Adhere it on the outside of the cd case, or layer it in between the stamps inside the cd case. Use a labeler to label the edge of the cd  case, so you can see what sets are in it when the case is stored.
Use baskets to store your sets, or cd stands. Just be sure that the cds don’t lay on top of each
other, as the added weight can damage the stamps underneath.

The versatility of transparencies!-Scan in the insert you get with my stamps, (or stamp your unmounts on a sheet of paper that fits the cd case). Now print that  out on transparency setting. You get a clear print out of the  stamps!!

VERY handy when you want to see if the stamp will fit in a certain place, or if you are having a tough time deciding which  stamp to use…simply lay the transparency on your stamp base. If you are happy with it, ink the stamp, line it up with the trans,  carefully remove the trans and press your stamp! Be careful when you  line up your stamp, you want to hover over the trans, not lay  right on top of it.  Store your stamps on the (not printed) side of  the trans too!

You always know if you are missing a stamp!

What to do with over sized/large stamps that just don’t fit in a cd case, and notebook options.
Store stamps in pizza boxes on 12 x12  page protectors, or  8.5 x 11 and put them in a notebook.
I can get about 9-12 x 12 layers in ONE pizza box!!
If you use a notebook, get the kind with the zipper around it.

To add some sturdiness to your page protector, insert a piece of cardboard (the ones that come with  paper orders, or cereal boxes,  work great!) into the page protector. Stick the stamp on the outside of the page protector. Slide the index sheet into the page protector, or stick it with double sided tape to the opposite page in the notebook, and then stick thestamps in the opposite/corresponding place.

If you don’t have an index sheet, stamp the image on white paper so you know exactly where to replace it when you are done!