UnMounted Rubber Stamp

Congratulations!! You’ve made the leap to unmounted rubber stamps!! You will have more space in your studio, (allowing you to buy more stamps of course) and you will be able to place your stamp image more accurately… but NOW WHAT?

What do you do with these stamps,and how do you get those flat pieces of rubber made into something you can stamp with? Read on, read on!!

unmount-rubber-stampsFirst of all you will need some re-positional adhesive, or even double sided tape. You will need something to hold
your stamp, preferably a  nice SEE thru acrylic block. (Available on the accessories page)

Tip: You can use any clear box to stamp with, heck I even used a Cd case when I first started. (a bit unwieldy, but it worked! LOL)

1. a.) Use re-positional tape (you know that yellow kind they sell on QVC all the time?) on your acrylic blocks! Your stamps will stick to the tape easily and when the tape looses its power, simply remove it from the block and add a new piece. The beauty of this tape?  There is NO sticky residue!

b.) Use the DUCK (TM)(available at Wal-Mart) brand Double Sided tape for your blocks! Much easier to remove from your block than the Scotch (TM) brand! Place the   tape inside your storage case too! Stamps rarely get lost this way! When the tape looses its sticky power, simply replace the old piece with a new one! Advantage of using Duck (or other clear brand): the tape is clear so you can see the stamp through your block – helps with alignment

c.) Repositional tacky Glue! There are several on the market now, just be sure to let them dry completley before storing them. You would not want them to be permanently glued to your storage container!!

d.) EZ-Mount- a foam backing for your unmounted rubber stamps. It is sticky on one side (to permanently adhere to your stamp) and clingy on the other side (so it sticks to your acrylic block when you need it to, but peels right off so you can store it) ** Does add cost and time to cut out the foam.

e.) Tack n Peel-looks like a large sheet of double sided tape! Sticks to the surface of your acrylic block and stays there! Simple to use-stick on your stamp, and remove it when you are done.

2.   My favorite mounting adhesive is still Aleene’s Spritz On Reposition-It Tacky Glue (R).   I coat the backs of my stamps, let dry til clear. Done!  This coating lasts a good long time too!!

Tips:  Use the wand that is part of the spritzer lid bottle, to paint your stamps; OR, use a paintbrush that is dedicated to glue use. Keep a cup of water near by and put the brush in the cup of water when you are done covering the images. Be sure to dry the brush on a paper towel before you stick it back in the glue, or store it til next time it’s used.
This is a  MUCH cleaner method than actually spraying them. No over spray, no sticky mess to clean up.

Once the glue is dry (turn clear) you are ready to cut them out and use them! My example shows the stamp precut. You can apply the glue either before you cut, or after. If I am working with small stamps, I apply the glue before I cut them apart. Much easier to work with. I use Kia scissors to cut out my stamps. I understand Stampin’ UP® and Tetonics ® make fabulous scissors for this too! I have NEVER had a residue problem cutting out my stamps AFTER the glue has dried. This image shows a small area where the glue is already almost dry! It takes about 20 mins, even though some folks prefer to wait overnite before storing the stamps in a

REMEMBER!! Because most of these methods do not use any kind of cushion mount, you will need to place a foam piece under your stamping surface when you stamp. A magazine works well for this, as does the large sheets of fun foam you can buy at most craft stores for about a dollar. (pictured in my samples) I use the thin sheets, but I’ve discovered they now have the fun foam in a really thick sheet. Gotta try it!

I think with ez mount, it’s really a matter of preference. I started out using it…then tried a few stamps with fun foam as my cushion, and it works great. Not buying the ez saves me tons of $$ too! So try both and see what YOU like best!

Here are a few tips if you use the sheets of fun foam-

1. Always keep a sheet of printer paper (or even cardstock) on top of your foam sheet. When ink gets on the foam it stays wet, and will smear on your card/sb page. So keeping a sheet of paper on top keeps this from happening. Your layers are: table-fun foam-printer paper or card stock (for over stamping)- stamping surface (card, scrapbook page etc)

2.  After a while your paper will have all sorts of kool ink/stamp images on it,  so cut it up as a collage bg for a card!

3. For highly detailed stamps, like photo stamps lay the stamp face up on your table, ink it and place the paper on top. Hold in place with one hand, and then rub all over. Lift straight up and get great results!

I use a cd rack and  CDs: I can store 2 stamp sets in the wide cd cases. If they are ez mounted, you can store only one set. Important: Do NOT stack your cds on top of each other (unless they are separated in a rack) the extra weight of the stacked stamps can damage the stamps. (Especially if you weren’t paying attention when you put them away and one of the stamps is under that little edge piece in the case) So if you use a rack that is not divided (like those nice wooden racks from Michaels) be sure to store them so the cases are standing up.
Another method of storing them is in pizza boxes. Use 12×12 page protectors, stamp the images on a white sheet of paper, and slide that paper into the sheet protector. You’ll always know exactly where your stamps go too.(or if one is missing) You can typically layer about 9 page protectors in one pb. For more storage tips look here!

Here is a CD case with a line of tape. Both stamps are simply stuck onto the tape. Add your paper insert and you know just what your stamps look like too!! OR stamp the images on a transparency cut to fit your
case! (see storage tips)